Things to be Thankful For …

Husband that drove back 45 minutes to retrieve a purse forgotten and left.  {So sorry. 🙁 }

SIL who did all the cooking yesterday.

Six year old who shared his birthday with Thanksgiving without a complaint.

All the food is prepared, in the refrigerator and ready to cook for today, except the gravy.


3 thoughts on “Things to be Thankful For …

  1. I had to laugh over this one. That’s great. I pray your thanksgiving dinner is blessed with many memories and happiness. Don’t forget the cranberry jelly! No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without it!

    PS. I am thankful to Berean wife, her website and her family for enriching my life with her knowledge and wisdom.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    Glad you could laugh over it. Believe me last night I felt so bad that my husband had to go right back to his parents house. 🙁

    Thankfully (so far) today has gone very well (except for my mom whose team lost 🙁 ). We had cranberry sauce and a new side this time, cranberry salad. We all liked the cranberry salad; I think it is a keeper!

    Thank you for the kind words. I enjoy sharing what I’m learning and having others to discuss it with.

    Thanksgiving is everyday.

    Berean Wife

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