This Is What My Children Woke Up To

This is what my children woke up to.  Yes, woke up to!  Snow didn’t start here until almost 8:00 AM.  But by the time my children woke up there was snow on the ground.  We don’t have early risers if they can sleep late.  Definitely don’t have kids up before sunrise even if it was Christmas Day.  🙂

For Alabama this is a lot of snow.  Even more unusual to have snow on Christmas Day.  Measurable snow on Christmas had never happened in our area since records have been kept.  If we ever get much snow ours are usually February, March and April.  We laugh that it is more likely to snow for Easter here than for Christmas.

It is still snowing well here and accumulating again.  But because of the snow and ice church was canceled.  🙁  Just too dangerous of roads especially if you have mountains involved.  (Alabama sized mountains, not real mountains!)


2 thoughts on “This Is What My Children Woke Up To

  1. Was a beautiful Christmas!! Our Christmas plans were canceled, my parents couldn’t get here because of bad roads. They did get to come today. Hope you guys have had lots of fun playing in the snow 🙂

    Berean Wife Reply:


    Sorry your Christmas plans got canceled. My mom ended up not coming to eat with us also due to the road conditions.

    Playing in the snow, now that is odd. My kids didn’t play in the snow. I even told them they were strange. The older ones just looked at it. The 11 year old did walk around in it some. The baby (6) got all dressed, bundled up and stayed out maybe maximum of 5 minutes. Said it was too cold! ??? I told them I remember playing in the snow when I was in high school, all by myself, building snowmen. But we have a few runny noses and granted some didn’t feel like it. I also think they’ve seen snow more than I did as a child.

    Berean Wife

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