Praying for Your Children

Probably ten years ago I was given a calendar page with 31 things to pray for my children.  Each day of the month was given a particular Christian character trait to pray specifically about for your children.  I don’t always use it but I do regularly go back to it every so often.  Sometimes it helps to have some guidelines so that our prayers don’t become just the same over and over.

Here is 31 Prayers for your children.

31 Ways to pray for your children

Using this same format you could always devise a prayer list for most anybody that you regularly pray for.


2 thoughts on “Praying for Your Children

  1. A friend gave me the book, The Power of a Praying Parent

    It has 30 prayers with Scriptures included as well. I have found it veryhelpful.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I find it helpful to have some structure to my prayers at times. Not always, but it does help my prayer life to not become stagnant and repetitive. I’ve thought about just choosing a verse to pray for the children each day. That would do two things, praying Scripture for them and after a while I would have the verses committed to memory. Maybe some day I’ll get a chance.

    Berean Wife

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