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I enjoy reading sermons.  I find I can benefit from reading a sermon much more than I can from listening.  I also like to be able to make notes in the sermon or to stop and look up verses.  Of course, invariably I get engrossed in listening to a great sermon on my MP3 and a child interrupts and 10 minutes later I’m trying to rewind (You don’t rewind MP3’s do you?) back to the place where I lost track.  Reading I can easily pick up where I left off.  Many sermons on Sermon Audio have transcripts which you can download in PDF format, but then you either need to print them out or sit and stare at the computer.  But now I can send a transcript of a sermon right to my kindle for free.  🙂

Kindle Integration for SermonAudio Transcription Service

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader support and integration is here on SermonAudio! You can now send any sermon transcript with a single click to your Kindle device wirelessly, instantly, and for free (with a WIFI connection).

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2 thoughts on “Sermon Audio & Kindle

  1. SermonAudio is amazing, and I’m just amazed at the volume of incredible messages available there.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    Sermon Audio is definitely a benefit especially for a free resource. Granted the churches do pay to upload the sermons but for the amount of publicity and the ease of use it is hard to beat. I’m shocked at how up to date they stay with Kindle and iPhone apps.

    Berean Wife

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