Snow Day 8

Sorry the picture is blurry, I was standing outside and the temperature had dropped again down to 33 degrees.  So I was shivering.

We still have an amazing amount of snow left considering this is day 8 for the snow!  By this time last week we already had several inches of snow on the ground.  Obviously the layer of ice below and the ice on top of the snow decreased the solar heating.  We sure haven’t really been above freezing much this week.   I don’t know when we’ve had snow on the ground for this long.  The Blizzard of  ’93 was intense, much more snow and damage, but it didn’t last this long, except the power outages.  🙁  However, in some ways The Blizzard seemed much longer because most people lost power.  It is amazing how slow time drags when cold, in the dark and crowded together trying to stay warm.  We’ve been above freezing for several hours today so lots of snow has melted.  In the areas that the kids have played the most much of the snow has melted or at least there are giant melted footprints.  So far our only damage is our mailbox was wiped out due to someone slipping on the ice in the road, Alabamians are notorious for not being able to drive in ice or snow.   Personally I prefer not to!  Thankfully we didn’t have wide spread power outages this time.  But even the kids are getting tired of the snow.  They are ready for some warmer weather even fifties would be nice.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Snow Day 8

  1. 33! A heatwave:)

    It’s a fresh 20 here now:P


    Berean Wife Reply:


    We’ve hit 51 degrees!!! Yah!!! Even the kids want the snow gone. 🙁 However we have another chance for snow on Friday. Strange.

    I bet 20 isn’t even bad for where you live. We Southerners are a wimpy bunch, we complain about the weather all the time.

    Berean Wife


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