David Miller – “The Atonement – Substitution” – 2011 True Church Conference

Thursday, February 17, 2010

Berean Husband is blogging live from the 2011 True Church Conference at Grace Life Church in Muscle Shoals. It is nearing 6:30 p.m. and just about time for the first worship segment to begin. Then, at 7:15, the first speaker of the evening, David Miller is scheduled. David Miller is a regular favorite at the True Church Conference. He will be preaching on “The Atonement – Substitution”. There are around 600 people here tonight. The choir began with a rendition of “Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy.”

Message 1 –  David Miller – “The Atonement – Substitution”

The text of Miller’s sermon was Isaiah 53. The subject is the doctrine of substitution and satisfaction. God taking into account our sin and His justice, took the initiative to redeem fallen man. God chose to deal with us through a substitute, His own son. Thereby was holy justice satisfied. God is therefore just and the justifier.

In verses 2-3, we see his unattractive position.  In verses 4-6 we see his participation in suffering. In verse 7 we see his portrayal of submissiveness. In verses 8-11 we see his propitiation for sins. In verse 12 we see his unlimited power over Satan.

1. The wickedness of the sinner. Man is a transgressor. Man has turned to his own way. Man rejects authority. Man has gone astray. Man will not submit to God, to scripture. Verse 3 tells us that Jesus Christ was despised by man. And we are all this kind of sinner.

2. The wrath of a sovereign God. The wrath of God is not uncontrolled.  The Greek word “thumos” is never applied to God. God is never out of control. The word for the wrath of God is “orge”. An outrage over sin. He is displeased over sin.  There is a dam of patience holding back God’s complete wrath at this time. Otherwise there would be immediate and utter damnation.

The wrath of God is seen in God’s bruising His son, Jesus Christ. All the wrath of God on the damned will never equal the wrath that God poured out on His son.

3. The infinite wisdom of the son. We see this in verse 11. It is the knowledge of the son that justifies the sinner. It is the wisdom of Jesus that overcomes the dilemma of the wrath and justice of God versus the grace and mercy of God. How do you reconcile these two attributes? How can justice be served and yet man be saved by grace?  The wisdom of the son is in the substitution.

If man tries to overcome this dilemma on his own, he will inevitably remain dead in his sins, with the justice of God unsatisfied. But the wisdom of God intervened and reconciled justice and mercy. This was possible because of the infinite worth and value of the son. Romans 11:33-36 is a doxology of praise that expresses our thanksgiving for this reconciliation.


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