Snow and Ice, Again!

It is strange that we’ve gotten snow and ice again this winter. Nothing important compared to half the country with feet of snow. But this is Alabama, snows are supposed to be rare here. Funny thing is I failed to take a good picture during the most snow. Shows how we have been overwhelmed with snow lately. The kids even complained about today’s snow.

Just like typical everything fell apart traffic wise – schools letting out early, businesses closing, and hundreds of wrecks, even several fatalities. 🙁 We are gonna have to learn to deal with snow better if this keeps up around here.

They’ve even warned us that there is a chance of snow again next week!


2 thoughts on “Snow and Ice, Again!

  1. Looks like we got a covering of snow on top of our ice last night.

    I’m so ready for summer!


    Berean Wife Reply:


    The snow on top of ice is dangerous. Ours lasted for a week and a half when we had ice, snow, ice. Thought it would never melt. Hope ya’ll melt out soon.

    I know our measly little amounts of snow is nothing compared to folks up north. But we just aren’t designed for cold weather down here. 🙁

    Example: Our heat pump froze up. We had freezing rain yesterday and it covered the heat pump in ice. The inside of the heat pump also froze up. Turns out that heat pumps are supposed to have a defrost cycle that keeps that from happening. However, ours didn’t work. 🙁 Sometimes the heat pumps down here don’t even have the defroster hooked up. A very generous AC friend came and initiated the defrost cycle for us and thawed us out. Now we will have to figure out why it won’t activate on it’s own.

    We had snow flurries all morning and now they are calling for more snow next week. Strange weather! I’m ready for spring.

    Berean Wife


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