Who Decides Beauty?

In relation to the quote yesterday about Truth what is beauty?

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder like many say?

Is there a source of beauty just as there is a source for truth?

Can beauty come from someone without the Lord?

Is all beauty God’s beauty?

Can a non-believer paint a beautiful painting that glorifies the Lord even while rejecting the Lord?

Can a composer compose a beautiful piece of music while hating the Lord?

Or on the other side, is everything the world says is beautiful, really beautiful?

Does all the world’s music glorify the Lord and exhibit beauty, even if the world says it is beautiful?


2 thoughts on “Who Decides Beauty?

  1. From personal experience, I can attest that secular music had a big role in God revealing His beauty to me.

    Not that all music is good, but He can take that which is evil (or at least ungodly) and use it for good.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I agree that the Lord can take the seemingly evil and use it for good. But in reverse, I would have to say that man can never take evil and “redeem” it. While the Lord can call someone to Himself through any means He so chooses, even the most blatantly worldly music, man can never take evil, say the world’s music, and redeem it for good.

    But one of the points I was thinking along is how some God hating writers through the centuries have been able to write beautiful and God glorifying pieces of music, thinking specifically of some classical artists. Those whom I wouldn’t want my children to read about their lives and yet the music can still glorify and magnify the Lord. Sorta like how the Lord used men in the Bible who rejected Him and yet in the overall scheme did exactly what the Lord desired and brought Him glory despite themselves.

    Sorry if that sounds confusing. Having trouble expressing myself, maybe it’s bedtime.

    Berean Wife

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