Farm Visitors

We brought home some visitors to the farm today.

They rode in the van just fine, two and a half hours, but they liked the van so much they wanted to stay in it.

Thankfully they are “potty trained”.

However one spit at the other because of being too close.

You know the “You’re touching me syndrome.”

We didn’t have any more bedrooms so they are in the barn.

Any guesses?


7 thoughts on “Farm Visitors

  1. Bren & Kelli,

    You’re right! Llamas.

    Later I’ll get some pictures up.

    Berean Wife

    P.S. Kelli, we practically drove right by you yesterday with them. If I’d had more time you could have seen them. Got quite a few stares driving through Guntersville and Albertville with two llamas in the back of the van. 😉

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