We got two adult female llamas yesterday.  It was strange to transport them both in our van.  Chevy Express vans are surprisingly multipurpose. 🙂

Driving through some towns on the way home we got quite a few strange stares.  At one traffic light I was sitting watching for the light to change.  Then the kids all said “Look he’s taking pictures!”  A gentleman in the car next to us had his cell phone aimed at us taking pictures.  Glad I could share some humor with others along the way.  We probably would have done the same if we’d have had a camera with us and seen llamas in a van.

After driving for 2 1/2 hours we arrived here with no difficulties.  Most of the time the llamas were cushed down in the van.  Cush is lying in a sternal position.  A couple of times they stood and shifted positions.  I drove up into the barn yard and opened the back van doors.  Prissy soon hopped right out of the van after checking everything out.  Honey though preferred the comfort of the van.  She didn’t want to jump out.  She even laid back down a couple of times.  Finally we just went ahead and urged her on out.  They did not soil the car at all.  Just had some hay tracked in from the barn.  Prissy hopped right out of the van and soon went to do her business just like a traveling dog would do.

They have since had to meet goats, chickens and two goat-sized Great Pyrenees dogs.  Thankfully they have been very well-behaved, much better than I expected.  No person has been spit at.  They’ve put up with the kids petting and brushing them.  They both lead pretty well.  Honey is lower in the pecking order of llamas here and for some reason she has been spit at twice by Prissy.  We don’t know what she did wrong nor does it seem Honey really knows either.  Thankfully the spit was just a slight spewing of a mouthful of hay.  Nothing major.  It could always be worse.  There are levels of spitting in llamas.  Prissy’s was just like a sneeze with some hay in her mouth.  Other spits can include stomach contents, not just mouth contents. Normally llamas do not spit at people, just other animals, unless very upset or spoiled.  {I know too much information,  but now you know.  🙂 }

Honey is more timid.  She has hummed a lot.  She hummed in the van most of the way.  Lying down in the car her hum sounded like gentle quiet snoring with the same consistent tone and timing.  Walking around, her hum has been very soft and has such a sad sound to it; very similar to a cat purring.  She is probably humming because of being in a different place with a bunch of strangers.  While her hum is so soft and sweet sounding, it probably means she is stressed and unsettled.  Of course, we don’t know if she is only humming when we are around or if it is most of the time.

They are sharing a stall in the barn.  They move easily between the barn stall and the small paddock beside the barn.  We haven’t turned them out into the large pasture yet.  Wanted to get them used to the routine of coming to the barn for the night and get them used to us before we turned them loose in several acres.  Needless to say we didn’t get much school done the last two days.

Pictures coming when the computer and website cooperate. 😉


5 thoughts on “Llamas

  1. Can’t wait to see them. Are you getting them for the fibers?

    Berean Wife Reply:

    Mama Hen,

    Finally got some pictures up.

    Actually llamas are supposed to be good guard animals. We have fainting goats and lots of coyotes. Our two Great Pyrenees are excellent guard dogs, but both are old and getting hard of hearing. Our oldest also has a tumor of her skull so her remaining days are short. We will have to train a puppy soon, but that will take quite some time getting one to a good working age and ability.

    Fiber is an added bonus or detriment. Ask me again later this spring when I shear or clip them. 😉 Prissy has a soft coat but Honey’s is wonderfully soft and fluffy. They would make great yarn fibers. Alas, I don’t know what to do with it. Sounds like more homeschooling is in order for mom.

    Stay inside this weekend and stay well and safe. :0

    Berean Wife

  2. OH! That was my guess! I should have commented it then everyone would be so impressed with me! LOL Just kidding!
    My husband wants llamas too – we’ll see…

    Berean Wife Reply:


    Oh, well, we’ll just have to take your word for it. 😉 Although using the expression “spitting” would have been a dead give away to me. I think llamas get a undeserved bad reputation for that. Of course, I haven’t sheared one yet, nor picked up a foot. I may find out otherwise someday.

    You can learn vicariously through us. We learned about pigs through some friends recently. I think it will be years before anyone is brave enough to suggest getting pigs here.

    Berean Wife

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