Green Bean Bundles

This is a way to fancy up green beans for company or special occasions.  As my husband says if it has bacon it can’t be bad.

Green Bean Bundles

Fresh whole green beans

Package of bacon

1/3 cup brown sugar

3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1/3 cup French Salad Dressing

dash of garlic powder

dash of salt and pepper


Fry bacon until just slightly done, it should not be crisp.  Drain.  Take four to six whole green beans and wrap them with a slice of slightly cooked bacon to make a bundle.  Some use toothpicks to hold them closed, I don’t.  Just place loose ends down in a baking dish.  Continue to wrap bundles until all the bacon has been used.

Mix brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, French salad dressing, garlic, salt and pepper.  I always taste and play around with it at this point adding more of this and more of that.  So mine are never exactly the same.  Of course I never measure the ingredients to begin with. 😉

Pour sauce over green bean bundles.  Bake at 350 – 400 degrees for approximately 15 minutes.  You want the bacon to begin to crisp and the green bean to be tender yet not too soft and gooey.



5 thoughts on “Green Bean Bundles

  1. Yummmy! Boy my children will eat their green beans now! Yahoo for bacon!

    Berean Wife Reply:


    Around here we have to do things like this to get my husband to eat his veggies. He claims his favorite “vegetable” is Macaroni and Cheese! 🙁

    Berean Wife

  2. Ha! I know the feeling. I am very selective with my veggies. My family doesn’t go for the weird vegetables like asparagus and those fancy pants ones. We all like potatoes and yes Mac & Cheese.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    My husband doesn’t care for much when it concerns vegetables. 🙁 But most of us like veggies. You should try asparagus done up in the bundles like green beans. Yummy!! 🙂

    Berean Wife

    Paul Reply:

    I don’t think there’s anything that could get me to stomach asparagus…kinda like rhubarb. You would have to hide it in so much bacon and other “healthy” stuff that the horrid green vegetable would basically cease to exist in the midst of it all. 🙂

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