Rebuilding Shoal Creek

SCBA to sponsor rebuild in Shoal Creek

The St. Clair Baptist Association plans to help rebuild homes for local victims of the recent tornadoes.

The SCBA is working with organizations such as Carpenters for Christ and Extreme Ministries to form a rebuild project that would rebuild homes for residents of St. Clair County. ….

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June 6th through June 25th

REBUILD PROJECT: Some donations that can be made in addition to money: Truckload of plywood, truckload of OSB, truckload of felt, electrical wire, PVC plumbing pipes, tee’s el’s, etc, truckload of paint, truckload of 2×4’s 8 and 10 feet, truckload of 2×12’s…, truckload of concrete blocks, truckload of shingles. This is just to get started.

If you would like to volunteer to help the building crews call 205-338-9444 to be put on a list with your information so the crews can call you and let you know when and where to work.

Funds to purchase material for building can be donated to St. Clair Baptist Association PO BOX 160 Ashville, AL 35953 Designate it to “St. Clair Baptist Association Rebuild”

Jeff Huey with Extreme Ministries — “We need everyone that is planning to help with Rebuild to call First Baptist of Pell City & sign up, so we will know how many homes we can help. If you can help, sign up! We will meet every morning at 7:00 AM at Ragland High School for breakfast & orientation. Lunch will be served at the site, 5:00 PM clean up, 6:00 PM dinner at Ragland High, & 7:00 PM worship in the gym.”



2 thoughts on “Rebuilding Shoal Creek

  1. All that is being done for those who have lost so much is truly remarkable. It’s encouraging to see the amounts that have been raised. (On your sidebar.) Our prayers continue for all of you down there. It affects not only the victims, but the whole community, state and country.
    Blessings, BW,


    Berean Wife Reply:


    Thank you for the prayers. The damage and the repercussions in the area is so wide spread it is hard too image until you are actually standing there. To stand on a piece of property knowing that loved family members died and seeing the little jiblets of family life scattered in a billion tiny pieces is hard to grasp. Without a firmly grounded faith how can a person handle that kind of pain? Thankfully the churches in the area have been so busy helping. Everything from chainsawing, feeding work crews, praying in hospital rooms, and to picking through the property and cleaning it up. I pray the Lord will open the eyes of folks to see the truth of the gospel.

    Berean Wife


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