Hospital or Country Club?

What would best describe your church?

Is your church a hospital or is it a country club?

A Hospital Church is one that everyone is sick with sin, some more than others.  But yet they are seeking to be progressively sanctified (made well) and made more and more in the image of Christ.  They are not content to remain sick nor do they ignore the sickness.  In a Hospital Church everyone is sick and willingly admits it yet they are not content to remain that way.  Those in a Hospital Church spend much time showing how others outside are sick, sick unto death, and yet don’t realize it.  But the most unique feature is that those in the Hospital Church are actually cured, they just still must deal with lingering side effects of the disease until the cure is fully realized.

A Country Club Church is one for the well people.  The “sick” are the ones outside the church.  Activities are designed so that contact with the “sick” is limited.  Those in a Country Club Church are no longer “sick” and desire for others to come join them to be well also.



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