Children Are a Blessing

Children are a blessing, the Lord says so repeatedly.  If they aren’t a blessing to you than you are sinning and should repent.  Either you have spiritual issues such as selfishness and laziness or you have been disobedient and not trained your children.

What if you don’t like your children?

Do You Like Your Children?

As the new school year approaches, I’ve heard more and more “rejoicing” by mothers declaring “just X number of days and the kids will be out of the house”. And while I’m sure there are many, many moms who lament this ending of precious time with their children, there seems to be a disturbing number who do not. I have no doubt these moms LOVE their children; I just don’t think they enjoy them.

Add to that the lack of “generational vision” of raising up godly children, a mammoth-sized feminism force telling them they should pursue their own interests no matter what, no encouragement from older women to be keepers at home, and no cultivated taste for homemaking, and it’s no wonder so many women have fled to the corporate world!

Well, we ladies have a lot of work to do fulfilling our duty as the “older women”….but I find it downright heartbreaking that we have cultivated a whole generation of parents who don’t even enjoy their own children, to the degree they are glad for them to spend a large portion of the day somewhere else.  ….


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