We Worship Jesus

“(Jesus) is the only one worthy of worship. Folks, we do not worship the family. We do not worship home education. We do not worship patriarchy. We worship Jesus Christ. And as a church we exist to exalt and to worship and to bow the knee and to prostrate ourslelves before the Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t make much of the family. We make much of Jesus. If we get to a place we’re making more of the family or more of patriarchy or more of home education than we are of Jesus, then we are in a place of idolatry. We exist to bow the knee to Christ, to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. We exist to give to Him all that we have and all that we are just as these disciples when they saw the resurrected Christ, recognized that He and He alone was worthy of worship. We don’t worship styles. We worship Jesus. We don’t worship philosophies. We worship Jesus. And that’s who we are first and foremost. We are a people who are hard after God. We are a people who are passionate for Jesus Christ.”


Voddie Baucham


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  1. My wife and I were stalking Voddie on the web and I ran across this page. Interesting thing is, that for the past few years, Voddie and our other elders have demonstrated they are still learning and have publicly made known they had failed to put the family in its place – the means of discipleship, not the object or reason we gather.

    It is wonderful to see elders growing and learning and pressing on the prize to bring glory to our Lord. Voddie and our other elders are rightly focused on Christ, standing on and under the Scriptures.

    Blessings in Christ from the swamp known as Houston.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    It is a blessing to have elders and church leaders who are seeking to grow even if it means changing. While our new church plant is not perfect by any means I can honestly say I’m confident the leadership and the majority of the members are seeking Biblical wisdom even if it means changing things midcourse.

    Plowing new ground is tough; there are often rocks in the way. However, newer churches can benefit from the hard work churches like yours have been through. Our church has benefitted from learning from older churches even if they were only a couple of years older. Those coming behind us are blessed tremendously, I pray they continue the striving for the prize.

    Berean Wife

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