Signs of Living to Please God – Baxter

Signs of Living to Please God

by Richard Baxter

See therefore that you live upon God’s approval as that which you chiefly seek, and will suffice you: which you may discover by these signs.

1. You will be most careful to understand the Scripture, to know what doth please and displease God.
2. You will be more careful in the doing of every duty, to fit it to the pleasing of God than men.
3. You will look to your hearts, and not only to your actions; to your ends, and thoughts, and the inward manner and degree.
4. You will look to secret duties as well as public and to that which men see not, as well as unto that which they see.
5. You will reverence your consciences, and have much to do with them, and will not slight them: when they tell you of God’s displeasure, it will disquiet you; when they tell you of his approval, it will comfort you.
6. Your pleasing men will be charitable for their good, and pious in order to the pleasing of God, and not proud and ambitious for your honour with them, nor impious against the pleasing of God.
7. Whether men be pleased or displeased, or how they judge of you, or what they call you, will seem a small matter to you, as their own interest, in comparison to God’s judgment. You live not on them. You can bear their displeasure, censures, and reproaches, if God be but pleased. These will be your evidences.


2 thoughts on “Signs of Living to Please God – Baxter

  1. I am happy to see you quoting Richard Baxter, that godly Puritan who profoundly served God and gave us plenty of books to read so that, along with our Bibles, we can gain splendid insight into God’s truth. Baxter lived no charmed life, though, and was persecuted for his faith. Read about his life; he pleased God by truly living the points he published about how to please God. Thank you. Dr. Jay


    Berean Wife Reply:

    Dr. Jay Hines,

    There is much we can learn from the Puritians and other Christians who have gone on before us. It amazes me how well they understood the Bible and could teach Biblical principles without our electronic libraries and abundance of books and commentaries. They truly just dug down deep in God’s Word. But they were never content for knowledge, just for knowledge sake, they applied it .

    Berean Wife


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