It’s No Use; I’ve Tried It Before

Ever been known to say “It’s no use; I’ve tried it before.”. I have. There have been many times when I felt trying again would be just a waste of time.

“Christians who speak that way (and many do, unfortunately) deny God’s power to change people. Theoretically, they accept this possibility, but their words and actions belie their professed beliefs. The Christian, in love, never gives up (“love never fails”). That means he keeps on “hoping all things.” He knows that (perhaps in answer to his own prayers) no matter how often Bill has responded in one way in the past, God may have done something between the last and this to change Bill. How often have I seen this in counseling! It is unloving for one person to prejudge the response of another, and it virtually denies the value of the prayer that one makes requesting just such a change. Love and faith characterize the peacemaker just as suspicion and doubt characterize the troublemaker.”


Jay Adams, How to Overcome Evil


2 thoughts on “It’s No Use; I’ve Tried It Before

  1. Ouch. Thanks for sharing. We are struggling with our church as of late, and feel like giving up and leaving because it feels like there is no use. We must remember, the Lord who created this world can cleanse our ‘church’ and make it pure if He chooses. Thank you.


    Berean Wife Reply:


    I must admit I’m guilty of the same. It is a good reminder that we should expect God to answer our prayers. Otherwise why bother?

    Berean Wife


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