David Miller – The Glory of Jesus Christ

True Church Conference 2012

True Church Conference  live-streamed.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Message 1 –  David Miller – The Glory of Jesus Christ


The text for the sermon is John 1:14-18. The subject of the sermon is the glory of Jesus Christ.


A. A definition of the glory of Jesus.

There are two words translated glory. The Hebrew word “kabode” – meaning “heavy” or “weighty”.  This deal with the visible manifestations of God. The Greek word is “doxa”, it means to ascribe worth or worship. The words of Jesus are full of grace and truth. And Jesus Himself is full of grace of truth.

“The glory of Jesus is the sum total of all His attributes and deeds which separates and distinguishes Him from all other beings.” – Miller


B. A delineation of the glory of Jesus.

The text gives us four things that distinguish Jesus Christ:

1. The person of Jesus distinguishes Him. See John 1:1-3. He is the logos, the express image of the Godhead, the visible manifestation of the invisible deity. He is co-eternal with the Father, co-existent with the Father, and co-equal with the Father.

2. The prerogative of Jesus distinguishes Him. See John 1:14. God became flesh. And He dwelt among men. Man does not possess this kind of prerogative. Man cannot make himself God. But Jesus can make Himself man.

a. the meaning of the incarnation – the joining of the divine nature with a human nature.

b. the means of the incarnation – it was a miracle, supernatural, inexplicable

c. the motive of the incarnation – so that Jesus might be touched the feelings of our infirmity, so that He might be our kinsman-redeemer

                i.              He must be worthy

                ii.             He must be wealthy

                iii.            He must be willing

3. The preferment of Jesus distinguishes Him. See John 1:15. The one who comes after John is preferred over John because He came before John.  And we prefer Jesus over this world.

4. The plentitude (fullness) of Jesus distinguishes Him. See John 1:16. Wave after wave of grace. Grace piled on top of grace.


C. A design of the glory of Jesus.

No man has ever seen God. But Jesus Christ has declared before us God. See John 1:18. There have been some revelations of God. For instance, creation. But creation can only condemn, it cannot redeem. The law reveals the holiness of God. But the law can only condemn, it cannot redeem. But then Jesus came. We learned things about God that were never seen before. What were types and shadows were revealed in the true light.


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