4 thoughts on “Got It Backwards?

  1. Can you believe, that in this day and age of credit crunch, recession etc, I was asked if I wanted a credit card?

    I said no, I’ve never had a credit card, nor do I want one.

    But, the quote is so true, people worship money, and cannot seem to do without non essentials. So they will bury themselves in debt just for the sake of.

    I know people who have no children, yet they live hand to mouth.

    Try figure that out.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I can believe it, because I get several phone calls a week to “lower my interest rate” on my credit cards, from “Rachael” at card holder services. They won’t quit calling even with me on the Do-Not-Call List and holding to speak to them. We do have credit cards but do not carry a balance. (Business travel is easier with a card.)

    We as American’s have had it drilled into our heads that children are expensive. Of course, this comes from people who usually don’t have children or at most the 1.8 average. Those of us who know better realize that a toothless grin from a baby is infinitely worth more than a Starbucks latte on the way to work each morning. The dividends on the investment are even greater. 🙂

    Berean Wife

  2. Don’t we get this from our churches as well? Apply for debt to get a larger church and send the little ones off to nursery, sunday school, childrens church, youth group etc – it’s fed to us from everywhere. I thank the Lord he has shown me His way since it seems the church can’t even get it right.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    You are correct. The church has been notorious for sending a conflicting message.

    Thankfully though all churches aren’t like that. Our church has no debt and we spend our money on helping with adoption fees, missions and conferences for members. The adults are out numbered at our church by the children such that we could use a larger church or at least a few more bathrooms. 😉 We have our Bible Study and Worship all together as a church family. There are several churches like ours but they are harder to find. You won’t find them in the big buildings on Main Street in the center of town.

    Berean Wife

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