Moral Inability – Paul Washer

Deep South Founders Conference

Session 5 – Friday Evening Service – January 13, 2012

Paul Washer

Moral Inability

Ephesians 2:1-3

If men are dead, then my eloquence, logic, and methods do not matter. Manipulation is vain. All that matters is the supernatural power of God. We need to cut out the flesh from our ministry.

Moral Inability  – stems from his hostility toward God, his hatred for God, his disdain of God’s commands. Man cannot because he will not. Man would rather be damned than acknowledge the sovereignty of God. See Genesis 37:4 for an example of moral inability. They could not because of their hatred.

Bondage of the Will – man’s will is an expression of his nature. What he is drives what he does. He may be caged, but when let loose, he will act out what is in his heart. That’s why most church members must be bribed or coerced to do what is right.

Free Will – free will is an attribute that belongs only to God. No other being is free. Everything man does is influenced by something else. Man is free to chose, but only based on his nature. See Matthew 12:34-37.

Affections – a nature that is holy has holy affections. An evil nature has evil affections. See Matthew 7:16-20. The fruit is evidence of the nature. Christianity is about the nature being changed by the gospel. The evangelical community will say that a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. But they will not accept that a good tree will not produce bad fruit.

1) A fallen man cannot love God. They may love a god they have made with their own mind. A god who looks just like man.

2) A fallen man cannot know the things of God.

3) A fallen man cannot obey God.

4) A fallen man cannot please God.

5) A fallen man cannot seek God.

Dealing with Souls – do not short-circuit a person who appears to be struggling with the things of God or seeking after the things of God. But you can give them hope. Tell them to seek God.

Irresistible Grace – there is no such thing as people who want to be saved and can’t be saved. And there is no such thing as a person who doesn’t want to be saved and God forces salvation on him anyway. God makes the soil good before the seed is sown. See John 6:44 and John 6:55.

Anointing of the Holy Spirit – Ezekiel 37:1-3. The hand of the Lord must be on the preacher and he must realize that he is preaching to dead, dry bones. Not a fatalist who sees no hope. Not presumptuous to know what God will do. But a person who is dependent on the will of God.





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