That’s Just The Way I Am

I’m sure you have all heard someone say “She is just shy” or “He just doesn’t do well around strangers“. The real question is are we ignoring sinful tendencies when we use worldly terms with no Biblical basis. Challies reflects on this idea in his podcast Introverted.

So what is it? Is introversion like gender or race, things that are given to me and over which I have no say, just who I am? Or are they things that I can control or things that I can choose? Will we all be introverts or all be extroverts in heaven? Are these real distinctions or could it be that the are ways we excuse our sin? What I don’t want to do is excuse sin or weakness by using respected or respectable terms that have no biblical basis. There are some ways that psychology offers some truth, but there are also ways in which it will inevitably lead us astray.

My challenge, and it is a challenge I face all the time, is to keep introversion from enabling or excusing sin. Introversion can quickly and easily become a way to validate sin. I can excuse selfishness, self-centeredness, escapism, lack of hospitality, rudeness. I can stay away from people and excuse it as being just the way I am, as being who I am. I can be shy and quiet when the Lord calls me to be strong and bold. Of course extroversion can also be a way to validate sin. The extrovert can run away from solitude, avoid spending time alone, validate himself by the amount of time he spends with others, doubt himself when he is alone. This introvert/extrovert distinction affects each of us in all kinds of ways.

Tim Challies in Introverted

Going through Jay Adams’ Nouthetic Counseling or Ed Welch and CCEF will make you reconsider many of your preconceived ideas about yourself and others. It just might surprise you how influenced by secular psychology and the world’s ideas you really are. There is alot of trash the church has allowed to influence her from the world.


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  1. I too have been surprised at how much influence the secular ‘methods’ have seeped into the Christian arena. Great post!


    Berean Wife Reply:


    Not only are secular ideas in the church, some are so ingrained that people insist that they actually are ‘Biblical’ concepts. We, even in the church, struggle with having a purely Biblical world view. We are such creatures of our culture.

    Berean Wife


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