Total Depravity – John Innabnit

Deep South Founders Conference

Session 4 – Friday Evening Service – January 13, 2012

John Innabnit

Total Depravity

Romans 3:9-20

1) The universal charge (verse 9). Is there anything in our nature that makes us any better than anyone else? No, because all are under sin, Jew and Gentile. All are subservient to sin, under the bondage of sin.

2) The ungodly characteristics of man (verses 10-17).

a. in his character (verse 10)

b. in his mind (verse 11)

c. in his value (verse 12)

d. in his speech (verses 13-14)

e. in his actions (verses 15-17)

3) The underlying cause (verse 18). Man has no fear of God.

4) The undeniable conclusion (verses 19-20). The evidence is piled up against man to the point where no one can object to God’s judgment.


Total Depravity by John Innabnit


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