Do Women, Wives and Mothers Really Even Need Doctrine?

We as women, wives, mothers, daughters don’t really need to worry about doctrine, right? Doctrine is for preachers and those in Seminary.  Doctrine is what the men sit and discuss after church while we clean up.  We, as women, don’t have time or the need to discuss doctrine.

Or do we?

Not sure?

Ever heard these ideas or even thought them yourself?

Doctrine is something that we should leave up to the men to learn; there is no point in my trying to understand such deep subjects.

It would be usurping male authority for us to focus on things like doctrine when we have homes to manage and children to raise.

Doctrine isn’t practical; we as women need the real, nitty-gritty, everyday stuff.

Evangelism is more important than Doctrine. {This point got a lot of discussion because several ladies have heard this used recently.  Evangelism is very important but without the right doctrine you just may end up evangelizing people to be very good Mormons or Catholics.  Right Biblical Doctrine matters.}

There isn’t enough time to spare for studying Biblical doctrine when there are meals to cook, diapers to change, and school to teach.

Some of us may have even been in churches that have taught us to not “worry our pretty little heads about such deep matters” leave the serious Bible Study up to the men “as God intended it.”


First we will look at why doctrine is important for women no matter what stage in life they find themselves in.  Next we’ll look at what the Bible says about doctrine.  Then after that we will look at some Biblical examples of women depending on correct doctrine.

Now you may be wondering, oh, no, here she goes off into the five Solas, the points of Calvinism or transubstantiation…..

No, I’m not going there, although you might find each of those to be very valuable areas of doctrine to study, at some point. We’ll start off with areas that impact our lives and my hope is to get each one of you so excited about studying God’s Word that it will seem to be all you can talk about and that it will affect the way you live your life each day.  To create a burning fire that you can’t hold in just like Jeremiah.  This is Jeremiah speaking of his talking about God.

Jeremiah 20:9 If I say, “I will not mention him, or speak any more in his name,” there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot.

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