Eleanor Estes – Ginger Pye

Eleanor Estes – Ginger Pye

Ginger Pye was a great book with a good dry sense of humour as in Rachel’s “unreasonable reasonableness” and Jerry’s statement “Yes. He’s purebred, part fox terrier and part collie. There may also be a little bull in him too,”.  Although originally published in the 1950’s, this book is an engaging book that children of all ages will enjoy.

Review by Berean Daughter

Amazon source Ginger Pye – Eleanor Estes

Just a funny note:  Both of my oldest children have spent lots of time reading old books particularly of the British type.  Notice how my daughter spelled humor?  Humour, the British way.   I don’t bother correcting that issue.  I read British books when young also and was always in trouble for writing grey instead of gray.  🙁


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