Points to Ponder on Doctrine in the Scriptures

1. Do you know more OT verses concerning doctrine? (Hint – Psalm 119)



2. With so many NT warnings about falling for false doctrine we as believers need to be ever alert to false doctrine. What are some ways that false doctrine can easily infiltrate our lives without us being aware?



3. Is your life adorning the gospel and doctrine of the Lord? Can you think of folks whose lives adorn the gospel?



4. Is the idea of Perspicuity of Scripture new to you? Do you find that freeing to know that Scripture is written for the common man and even the simple can grasp and understand enough for Salvation?



5. How has studying the Scripture changed the godliness in your life? Have you seen growth in maturity and in godliness over the last few months? Are you growing or stagnating?


2 thoughts on “Points to Ponder on Doctrine in the Scriptures

  1. Thank you for the posts. I had never heard of perspecuity. I knew that I could understand it and my daughter started reading the Bible as soon as she could read and there was plenty that she could understand. I think the false doctrines are so pervasive in our culture people don’t even notice them anymore. Many many things that are ungodly are disguised. Having 2 girls it is very apparent that the false teachings are everywhere in books movies and tv. I allow them to read certain things that are not written from a godly perspective but am very very careful. Also, I’ve taught them what to look for on their reading and movies and they will both tell me when they see something that is not correct and a false teaching. It does not hurt to start teaching them very early because they will absolutely see it all through their lives. I tell them over and over that the only one source to be trusted as the final say is the KJV Bible. Not their own feelings, not even a preacher. We should seek good churches but continually test what we learn to the word of God. It’s a frightening time because all these false teachings have unfortunately invaded our churches as well. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts here. I hope more parents start taking control of what their kids learn (by first reading and learning themselves!) and then passing that knowledge and discernment to their kids. Lack of discernment is the number one disease in our country today in my humble opinion.


    Berean Wife Reply:


    I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. As I told the ladies in our Titus 2 group we all agree we believe in perspicuity of Scripture, whether or not we know the term for it.

    It takes much discernment to weed through the world’s fare and you will see that as time goes on you will be bothered by the sin in it more and more. As you mature and grow in the faith you will recognize the sin more easily. My biggest issue is with the supposedly “Christian” fare that is so full of the world. 🙁

    Berean Wife


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