Koinonia – Fellowship

True Community: The Biblical Practice of Koinonia [Kindle Edition] – by Jerry Bridges – Free for a limited time

This is fellowship: sharing with one another what God is teaching through the Scriptures, and this is an important part of true community.   …

Because we are partners in the gospel, we need to share with one another, realizing that we are not owners but only stewards of the possessions God has entrusted (not given, but entrusted) to us.  …

we cannot have meaningful fellowship with one another unless we are individually experiencing vital fellowship with God.

Those quotes from True Community  highlight the importance of fellowship and how it is much, much more than eating a meal with other believers.  If you are eating a meal together and discussing the latest football game it is not fellowship and should not be called such.  Fellowship is sharing with other believers our life in Christ, sharing what we are learning and working together to glorify God.  If we are not fellowshipping with the Lord in the Word, prayer and worship on our own, we cannot have meaningful fellowship with other believers.

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2 thoughts on “Koinonia – Fellowship

  1. Why is it, that with some believers, you can talk about God with them, and with others, its as if God is a taboo subject to them?

    You feel uncomfortable talking about things related to being a Christian, and yet, they are Christians. If you do talk, they give a vague answer or change the subject, or suddenly have to leave.

    Just my observation.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I have observed that many times. Also sometimes you can hear someone speak on a totally different subject and yet you walk away knowing they are a believer even if they never actually discussed the Lord.

    I think those who are unable or uncomfortable to talk about their Christian life often are not really Christians and they realize there is a problem. Other times even if they are a true believer they have been lacking in fellowship with the Lord for so long they are living off the dregs of the past. You can only use a tea bag so long before it is no longer tea. We need to constantly be renewing our fellowship with the Lord.

    Neither of the above is a good position to be in. 🙁

    Berean Wife

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