How’s Those Resolutions Doing?

How are your New Year’s resolutions doing?  Have you fallen slack already? Gained weight instead of lost?

Nothing wrong with having resolutions.

Resolved means just simply firmly determined.

What have you firmly determined to do or to be?

1 Corinthians 2:2 (ESV) For I decided to know nothing among you except  Jesus Christ and him crucified.

Quite a worthy resolution.

What about Ezra’s?

Ezra 7:10 (ESV) For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it  and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.

Can’t get much better than that.

Have you set your heart on studying God’s Word, doing it and teaching it?

Now that your original resolutions have been broken, resolve to do what Ezra did.



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