Jon Payne – John Owen as Pastor-Theologian

It has now become image over substance today in the church.

What is a pastor-theologian?

1) He is a pastor with a theological education.

2) A pastor who is committed to the theological issues of the day.

3) Unafraid to preach and teach theologically to their congregation.

4) Gives his people the word of God in theological categories.

5) He delivers the whole counsel of God, without skipping the hard doctrines.

Well known quote of John Owen:

Be killing sin or sin will be killing you.”

Christ nourishes His sheep through the reading of His Word, through the sacraments, and through worship.

Efficacious means it works, it produces what is desired.

John Owen began attending Oxford at 12 years of age.

Owen wrote several catechisms. Owen was asked to play an important roll in Cromwell’s rule.

Owen’s Theology included the Regulative principal of worship.


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