Q&A Panel Discussion

1) Does substitutionary atonement provide any room for general atonement?

Paul Washer – We proclaim Christ to the masses. It is not a subject just to use to grind out theological issues and fight over.

2) What is the simple definition for expository preaching?

Steve Lawson – Until I come give attention to the public reading, exhortation and teaching.

1 Timothy 4:13 Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching.

Expository is explanatory.

3) What counsel would you give to someone wanting to memorize large portions of Scripture?

David Miller – it is easier to learn large passages in context than verses here and there. Learn what is being said in the text, otherwise you might as well memorize the Sears & Roebuck catalog. Say it aloud to hear yourself. One day you will have a circumstance that the Holy Spirit will bring to your memory just what you need for that occaision.

4) Single woman – Where is the standard to set when choosing a spouse? All I see seem to be children playing video games instead of men ready for families.

Voddie Baucham

Priest – leader, man of prayer
Prophet – instructs in the word of God,
Provider – sees that people have what they need. JOB is more than a book in the Bible.
Protector- wisdom to protect

Warning to women – some of you are looking for such a perfect man that Christ on the cross is the only candidate. There is not another available.

God found Adam a wife when no one else was on earth. Women your chances are better than that.

Paul Washer – men you are to be training your young men. Not the coach, not the preacher, not the mother, definitely not the other boys.

5) How to further the cause of family worship?

Joel Beeke – The pastor needs to believe in and practice family worship The most important thing I do is family worship. Read the Bible, teach the Bible, sing about the Bible. Provide resources and lead them. Offer to help by leading other families in family worship to model the practice.

Tim Challies – How would this look if you started tonight?

Joel Beeke – Apologize to the family for the neglect. Everyone with a Bible and reading a short passage. Singing, Prayer. No worship, no food.

Beeke told about his father’s worship with the family.

6) How can you control technology and not let it control you?

Tim Challies – It is a battle. It is a fallen world. Be deliberate. A week’s fast from technology. Sunday try to shut off as much as possible.

7) Do you think Allegorical interpretation is plaguing the pulpit.

Chip Thornton – Yes, it is prevalent. Allegorical Interpretation is – If you proclaim a text and it isn’t the authors intent. Lawson’s Galatians 1 last night is perfect example of exegetical preaching. Repent if you didn’t hear it and go listen online.

8.) As an African American how can I encourage a reformed belief in the gospel and not in the typical churches others African Americans are a part of?

Voddie Baucham – Obviously they don’t know me or they wouldn’t say ‘African American’!

Have passion for people like you but your calling is to proclaim the gospel to all people. Don’t get into a trap of people groups. Make the gospel clear for all people. The melanin in their skin isn’t a factor in receiving the gospel. All hear the gospel in the same way.

9) How do you approach sharing the gospel with someone who differs theologically? Example someone who follows Joel Osteen?

Paul Washer – Speak the truth. Share with them as long as they are listening.

If you cannot speak to men about God, speak to God about men.

Our problem is a lack of Christ likeness.

10) In light of your recent book on Puritan Theology, how can they encourage us?

Joel Beeke – I dreamed of this in my 20’s. The Puritans marry doctrine and application. The Bible is applied to the whole man. Granted they are flawed.

11) Are the doctrines of Grace related to the controversy over inerrancy years ago?

David Miller – Absolutely, turning the big ship around takes a long time. I told my wife years ago if we could get past the inerrancy of Scriptures perhaps we could get to the weightier matters such as the nature of the atonement. This is wonderful. Those who preach grace ought to have grace.

Chip Thornton – I’m 37 years old, I am a product of those decisions on inerrancy of Scriptures. So “thank you”. Clapping.

12) Based on Famine in the Land the book of Steve Lawson’s, what if a family is awakened to the truth yet they are in a pragmatic church?

Steve Lawson – Often those who try to stay are rolled up and thrown out. The Puritans that tried to stay where often thrown out. Calvin had greater effect on Rome than Luther who tried to stay and change. It is hard to fight your own church.


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