Too Much to Study; Not Enough Time

Ever end up with too much to study?

Bible studies that go off in a multitude of tangents, all of which you want to get down deeper into?

I’m never content with just a simple Bible study. I always want to know how each passage interrelates with everything else in the Scriptures. What principles do the OT verses have for us as NT believers? How does our church today reflect the NT church? How has our church today diverged from the NT principles?

Some of the many tangents I have been looking at over the last month include:

~ What is the Biblical difference between preaching and teaching? Is there as much difference as we give them? Is the audience and message different?

~ Authority in the church: who has it, what does it look like, what authority does the average believer have, etc. ?

~ Authority in parenting. Side study on how we who have authority should display authority.

~ Ten Commandments and the NT particularly Galatians.

~ The Law of Christ by Charles Leiter.

~ The Law and believers today. This is a review of material I studied several years ago.

~ Reading Ian Murray’s Pentecost Today?

Whew! I have a hard time wanting to go to bed at a reasonable time due to studying these subjects. Invariably I come across another topic as I am studying the first.

But isn’t it great to plumb the depths?


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