Al Mohler – Fatherly Advice to Singles

Fatherly Advice to Singles–Get Married
with: Al Mohler from 5/16/13

Dr. Al Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, talks to singles about the mystery of marriage.

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Some quotes from the transcript:

The longer you wait to get married, the more habits and lifestyle patterns you will have that will be difficult to handle in marriage.

The more you, as an adult, define yourself as an “I”, the longer you do so resiliently, the harder it’s going to be to become a “we”.

Now, if you’re 13 or 14, don’t go to the middle school and pop the question. [Laughter] And if you’re 17, 18, 19, or 20—in your early 20’s—what are you waiting for? I don’t mean to get married this weekend. I mean to look for the spouse God has given you. What are you waiting for? Do you think, all of a sudden—you’re going to be 25 or 26—and you’re going to get a telegram from heaven, “By the way,—”? [Laughter]

You’ve got to be urgently seeking as much as you would seek what God would have you to do vocationally—as much as you would seek what God would have you to do in terms of your mission for life. Understand that you must be looking—guys—for that wife of your youth, in whom you can find such fulfillment when the “we” is created, and a one-flesh relationship is given, and you grow up together in the faith, and in the Lord, and in your adulthood.


Marriage Made In Heaven


2 thoughts on “Al Mohler – Fatherly Advice to Singles

  1. This seems to contradict your earlier post, “What About Single Women?”


    Berean Wife Reply:


    Actually I don’t think they contradict at all. Mohler is specifically speaking to young adult men in this discussion. He is dealing with the tendency of men of putting off marriage until much later in life. While mostly a male issue, there are also some women who fall in this category. They don’t want to be tied down to a marriage and family yet. So they put them off for years so they can get an education and a career first all with the intention of marrying later. But sometimes later never comes but has passed them by.

    There is nothing wrong with being single. God calls many men and women to a single life. However, if the intention is to eventually marry but first enjoy your “freedom”, “sow wild oats”, and spend your life serving yourself maybe delaying marriage is actually a sinful, selfish decision.

    Mohler encourages young men to diligently seek a godly wife in order to be able to “rejoice with the wife of his youth”. Yet young women aren’t to be sitting at home waiting on “Mr. Right” to come sweeping in. Single women should be diligently working to become godly women and serving the Lord so they are ready if and when the Lord brings a suitable husband.

    Berean Wife


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