Questions and Answers with John MacArthur

Q.        Why are you compelled to preach sequentially through books in the Bible?

Every word is profitable, every word is inspired. This is a mandate. Sequential preaching creates context.

Q.        How do you pull together an expository sermon?

There is no magic. Overview the entire book. Read commentaries you trust. Find a unit to preach on. Read it. Find out what it says. Then find out what it means. Use theological commentaries. Find cross references. Explore the doctrine behind the central theme. Frame the outline. Then prepare an introduction and a conclusion.

Q.        Becoming the kind of preacher God wants you to be?

Put all other things aside – leadership training, etc. Preaching demands our best effort. Set a good pace and keep up the pace you set. Don’t lose heart, falling into sin.

Q.        Important issues in setting the gospel before people?

Do not import things into the text which are not there. Exposit the elements of the gospel that are in the text. A superficial presentation of the gospel which is not tied to the text is an affront to the hearers.

Q.        How to get to the next level in preaching?

Admit that you don’t have enough to say. Find people who know a lot more than you do. Read. Build a library. Be a selective reader. You will only be as good as your material.

Q.        How to interface preaching demands and family time?

It is not about structuring time or an external requirement. It is about an investment. Then there are primary responsibilities. Everything else fits in the cracks. It takes being surrounded with gifted people. Expositors attract like-minded people.

Q.        The preaching of the word is the controlling factor in worship?

Preaching today is about evoking a superficial, emotional worship. The preaching is superficial, so the worship is superficial. If you hear profound theology being sung in the church it is because the congregation has been given a diet of profound theology from the pulpit.


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