The Manner Of Expository Preaching Passion in the Proclamation


A. Understand the Definition of Passion

1. The passion of Christ – his suffering and death

2. The passion of the martyrs

3. The passion of pain

4. The passion of illness

5. To be acted upon, to be passive

6. To be moved

7. To be zealous

Feeling what we believe

B. Understand the Synonyms of Passion

1. Fervor

2. Fire

3. Zeal

4. Ardor

5. Enthusiasm


A. Preach with Fervency

We need to be fiery. People are drawn to a man on fire.

B. Preach with Intensity

Sunlight focused through a magnifying glass, There is no such thing as a casual worship service. Undistracted.

C. Preach with Urgency

Now. Immediately. Critical importance. Exhorting. Encouraging. Two sermons by Spurgeon to read:

1. Now

2. Compel them to come in



A. See Old Testament Examples of Passion

1. Jeremiah 9:1

2. Jeremiah 13:17

3. Jeremiah 20:9

4. Jeremiah 23:29

5. Jonah 3:2-4


B. See New Testament Examples of Passion

1. Matthew 9:36

2. John 7:37-38

3. Acts 4:2

4. Acts 13:5

5. Acts 20:31

6. Romans 9:1-3

7. Romans 10:1

8. 2 Corinthians 6:11

9. Colossians 1:28



A. Hear Distant Voices

1. Martin Luther

2. Jonathan Edwards

Raise the affections of people for God, but only as high as truth will allow.

3. George Whitefield

The church is asleep.

4. James W. Alexander

5. Charles H. Spurgeon

B. Hear Recent Voices

1. John Murray

2. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

3. Geoffrey Thomas


A. Have a High View of God

View of God and passion in preaching are directly related.

B. Cultivate Deep Convictions in the Truth

C. Live with a Sense of Immediacy

A lecture can be given any time, a sermon must be preached now.

D. Develop a Deep Love for People

E. Be Filled by Holy Spirit

F. Be Gripped by Heaven and Hell

G. Read Inspiring Christian Biographies

H. Fellowship with Fervent Believers

Passion is contagious.

I. Pursue Communion with God


J. Desire to See People Saved

K. Preach to Responsive People

L. Confess All Your Sins

Sin is water poured on the fire.

M. Preach Through the Psalms

N. Understand What True Preaching Is

O. Listen to Passionate Preaching

P. Read Passionate Preaching

Q. Reflect Upon Your Calling

Remember where you were when God began to stir your heart.

R. Think Upon the Judgment Seat of Christ

Remember that the last day is coming, a day of accountability. Not only what we said but how we said it.

S. Gaze Upon the Cross

T. Ask God to Inflame Your Heart

 The Institute for Expository Preaching whole series


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