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Question and Answer Session

True Church Conference 2012

True Church Conference  live-streamed.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Question and Answer Session

Q. If you were coming into a new church that needed reformation, where would you start.

JN: Give your greatest energy to the pulpit. Preach to convert the lost. And then put energy into small groups. Have accountability among the small group leaders. Anticipate the need for church discipline because it will arise.

RH: Be patient and wait on the word of God to do work in the people’s lives. You will see fruit.


Q: How to know when going from preaching to implementing?

BB: When it came time to deal with regenerate active membership and church discipline.

RH: We are long on theology and short on application. We need to practice what the word of God says.


Q: Are there issues that should not be tackled first?

BK: A leadership change (i.e., moving to elder lead) would not be a good first move. Practical biblical exposition must come first. We need to think about change in terms of decades.

RH: Don’t start by preaching Calvinism and Aminianism.

DM: Begin with the importance of wisdom in our preaching. Don’t be dumb all of your life. You need to gain and maintain credibility with people. It is hard to reform a church, it is near impossible to regain credibility with a church once it has been lost.

JN: We need to work on biblical conflict resolution early on.


Q; How do you know the difference between difficult sheep and a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

BB: It is difficult. It takes spending time with the people. Look at their reception of the Word of God. They may disagree with the pastor and still love the Word.

RH: There is a difference between misunderstanding and obstinacy.


Q: From a morale standpoint, how do you encourage those who have had friends and family who have left the church over doctrinal issues?

BK: We must preach the doctrines of grace and practice the grace of the doctrines of grace. Those who have left need to be treated with grace. We are too quick to shun others.

RH: We need to love people who leave because many of them will return.


Q: About times of hardship, difficult seasons…how do you endure these times without quitting? Are there strategies to deal with the storms?

DM: We are not alone in our tribulations. Some of the greatest saints have been beset through history – Spurgeon, for instance. Tribulations are unique. It is easy to discuss this matter on the “post” side. It takes maturity to glorify God in the midst of tribulation. But it is easy to bless God for his Son Jesus Christ.


Q: What is the next step of reformation in your local church?

BK: The post-reformation generation. The children of those who went through the reformation must not just accept this as the way we do things. They will tend to revert back if the reformation is taken as staus quo. Each generation must understand that reformation is biblical.

RH: Young and restless Calvinists. They want to add to the reformation. And they may not understand the doctrines of grace, they just want to be a part of a reformed church. They are following a man and not following the Bible.

JN: To continue gospel humility to the next generations.


Brett Beasley – Reforming a Church to Biblical Health

True Church Conference 2012

True Church Conference  live-streamed.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Message 2 – Brett Beasley – Reforming a Church to Biblical Health


The text for the sermon was Acts 20:25-31.


The apostle Paul is speaking to those who had been chosen to lead the church at Ephesus. It was a challenge to them. Striving to reform a church to biblical health is: 1) Constant, 2) Costly and 3) Worthy.

A. The Call of the Man of God

1. The call of man by God is a divine call. It is a call that can be given by God alone.

2. The call is to be a shepherd of the church. To watch over the flock of Jesus Christ.

3. The call is to watch yourselves. Continual self-examination.

a. Ezekiel gives examples of all these items above. Ezekiel was called by God. Ezekiel was called to be a watchman. Ezekiel was called to confront the corrupt priests of the day.

b. See Acts 20:29. Fierce wolves will come in and will not spare the flock.

4. The call is to share the word of God. See Acts 20:26-27.

B. The Care for the Church of God

1. The care cannot be divorced from the call.
2. We are to pay careful attention to the flock. We are to watch out for the souls of the flock. It requires tireless effort. We are called to be stewards of the purchase of Jesus Christ that He purchased by His blood.
3. We must feed the flock.
4. There is never a moment when the shepherd does not think about his sheep.
5. No title without the task, no role without the responsibility.

C. Reforming a Church to Biblical Health

1. Why does the church need to be reformed to biblical health?

a. The doctrines are deficient in the church.
b. The culture has ravaged the church.
c. The scriptures are deficient in the church.
d. The church, if left to itself, will drift, like sheep without a shepherd.

2. What are the struggles with reforming a church to biblical health?

a. You will struggle with the flesh. This is because of the fear of man. We must not be concerned with our own reputation. We must not seek the approval of man, whether that be the congregation or peers.
b. You will struggle with opposition
c. Sound doctrine can unify, but is can also divide.
d. Preaching the word of God will have varying affects on people.

3. Reforming a church to biblical health comes with a high personal cost.

a. There is the cost of divisions.
b. There is the cost of desertions.
c. There is the cost of loss of friendships.
d. There is the cost to the pastor’s wife.

4. Reforming a church to biblical health requires grace.

a. We must remember that not all in the congregation will be at the same place we are – in beliefs, in biblical understanding.

5. There is joy in seeing Christ reform a church.

a. But we must stay the course.

6. Pastoring means loving the sheep.

a. Some of the sheep are difficult. Some require a little more shepherding.

7. Treasure Jesus Christ and make much of him.

a. its about Jesus Christ and his glory.
b. We need to stay with our first love.


True Church Live Stream

2012 True Church Conference Live Feed/Visual Aids

Not only is the True Church Conference FREE this year but for the first time, you can watch the entire conference live-streamed.

The schedule is as follows (all times CST):

Tonight (Thu):  7 PM

Friday: 9 AM, 1:30 PM, 7 PM

Saturday: 9 AM, 7 PM

Sunday: 10:30 AM

If you or your group wants to sing along with the song services, you can download the lyrics here

The speakers are David Miller, Barry King, Brett Beasley, Roy Hargrave, and Jeff Noblit


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