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A Humorous Look at the “Perfect” Christian Novel

When I was the church librarian I would often have books donated to the library from members who had finished them. Sometimes they were very good books. Sometimes they were so old and outdated (not classics, or solid authors, but outdated) that I sent them on to the thrift store. But the fiction was always a concern.

I was amazed at what was passed off as Christian fiction. There were romance novels that had nothing to do with Christianity other than at the end the couple went to church. There were violent novels that dealt with the end times but left you wondering what the gospel really was. I was shocked at the books that were donated. I wouldn’t put a book in the library until I had screened it. I also rated books according to “my” rating system. My rating system was “Would I let my child read this book and at what age?” See I have a much more conservative system than the movie rating system.

Several times I would not let a child or youth check out a book without discussing the matter with the parent. That didn’t always go over well, as you can imagine. But I was responsible for what I allowed the children to be exposed to.

Since this was a Southern Baptist Church, the Left-Behind series was very popular to several members. Don’t bother though, you won’t learn a thing and there is much better things to read. The Amish Novels where also popular. I feel sorry for the Amish as a people having just trash written about them. While I do not agree with the Amish theology and their decisions with life, you must respect them for living out their beliefs unlike the average church member who says one thing and lives differently.

Being a church librarian has much potential but honestly I think a church library really needs to consider eliminating most fiction. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan and maybe the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis being the few exceptions. Although I have serious concerns about even the Narnia books by Lewis, that would be hard to convince the average believer of the problems with that book.

Here is a humorous look at the “Perfect” Christian Novel. What does this say about us?

The Ultimate Christian Novel

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Cassidy: Amish Vampiress of the Tribulation

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