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Strange, Strange

We had an earthquake today in Alabama.  Not much, just 2.2, but really odd for us.

And, Now An Earthquake..

A magnitude 2.2 earthquake was just reported by the USGS… it happened just south of Gadsden last night at 9:06 p.m….

We also have snow again!  Probably several inches by now.  I haven’t been out to measure because honestly even I am getting tired of it.  I mean this is Alabama, the Deep South.  I actually pity the poor parents who work and yet their children will be missing school tomorrow. 🙁  I know how hard it can be to arrange last minute childcare when you work in a field that requires you to at work despite the weather, like nursing, EMT’s, etc.   Students have missed so many days in Alabama that they are going to have to go to school on Saturday’s or extend the school year.

I seemed to have maxed out my website with too many visits and too much data usage lately.  Mr. IT guy has had to work on it a few times, he says it now loads faster since he has been upgrading servers.  It wasn’t designed to have over 3,000 page views in one day or to use the maximum allowed {what ever unit}.  So since it has complained lately and doesn’t want me to add another picture I’ll spare you the picture of snow – for now. 🙂