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The Older Feminist Women Today

Have you ever sat and thought about the feminist women, those of the sixties through the eighties, who are getting older?  The ones who rejected marriage or else went through several failed marriages?  They may or may not have children.  Do you know any that fit that description?

One thing I’ve noticed more and more frequently is that there are large amounts of women who are getting past the prime of their life and they are doing so alone. 

  • They do not have a husband to grow old with.

  • They often don’t have children to help care for them.

  • If they do have children many times the children are insecurely attached.  They’ve spent too many years in changing childcare situations to be attached well.

  • The women have to work hard to be able to support themselves on their income so often they work much later in life or for many more hours than others.

  • But the most interesting thing and sad thing is that the women are often so bitter and depressed.  They are still mad at men even though many rejected men years ago.

The older feminist women wanted their freedom and the right to make their own choices without the government, the church, husbands or families having any input.  They have gotten what they wanted, but do they really want that now?  No, now they are lonely and forgotten. 

Now granted some of the women who have large amounts of money are able to buy and pay for all they need.  But the average American woman who accepted the feminist ideology, where does that put her?  She is often barely getting by, worried about her retirement account, afraid of being sick or alone and she’s miserable.

For fear of becoming victims to husbands and tied down with children they have now become their own victims.  Victims to loneliness and depression.  From fear of being badgered by oppressive husbands, they have become badgered by oppressive bosses.

The deeper problem is that the Lord was rejected just as soundly as the men were rejected.  You can’t be a Bride of Christ if you reject the principles of marriage.  While a few feminist have been part of the church, I contend they have distorted their relationship with Christ just as they distorted their relationships with men.  You cannot reject submission in all human forms and still submit to Jesus Christ as Lord.

How can we today minister to these droves of lonely and miserable women who are in need of the Savior and the Bridegroom whom they’ve rejected?