Deeper Conference

Deeper A Living Waters Conference 2008


Ray Comfort Author and co-host, “The Way of the Master”

Gethsemane–the Missing Link to the Cross

There was something that terrified Peter more than death itself, and caused him to deny the One he called Lord. What was it, and how does it effect us today?

Kirk Cameron Co-host, “The Way of the Master”

Apologetics and the Gospel

What is the role of apologetics in witnessing and preaching the Gospel? Are apologetics and Gospel preaching two sides of the same coin or two distinct entities? To fail to recognize the appropriate place for each is to confuse salvation theology and belittle the power of the Gospel.

Break out – evangelism (teens)

Witnessing to a stranger can be horrifying. Witnessing at your school can be even worse. Ridicule. Mocking. Shunning. It is a high price to pay. There are no guarantees that you will escape this type of persecution, but if you will equip yourself to witness Biblically, you can be an instrument used by God to transform your school.

Paul Washer Director and Founder of HeartCry Missionary Society

Essential Truths of the Cross

This sermon (for the general session) will deal with the essential
truths regarding Christ’s person and atonement: Deity, humanity, infinite worth, the righteousness of God, death under the wrath of God……

The True Gospel Call

This sermon (for the break out session) will deal with four biblical
texts that are often misconstrued in modern day evangelism: Romans 1:16; Romans 10:8-11; Revelation 3:20: Matthew 25:31-46.

Ken Ham President and founder of Answers in Genesis-U.S

Genesis: Key to Reaching Today’s World.

Learn the foundational reasons as to why we see the decline of Christianity and the collapse of Christian morality in this culture … and how to respond to a dark world desperately in need of the light of the Gospel.

Defending the Christian Faith in Today’s Secular World.

The battle between Christianity and Secularism is not over the facts. We all share the same facts. The real battle is over the “interpretation” of what science shows us. Come learn how to identify, and respond biblically, to the biased interpretations of the secular world and see how real operational science confirms the Bible is exactly what it claims to be…the Word of God.

Pastor Johnny Hunt Pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia

Sufficiency of the Bible

High profile evangelical voices call us to witness in the marketplace without Scripture. They are wrong. High profile evangelical voices call us to witness to lost souls by using apologetics only. They are wrong. We must always use the double edged sword. Always.

Dr. Marshall Foster Founder and president of the Mayflower Institute

Keynote: From Terror to Triumph – The power of the Gospel to transform whole nations as seen through a 2000 year panoramic survey.

The repressed truth of our day is that Jesus Christ and His Great Commission are the only true liberators of men and nations. Not only does the Gospel save souls, but it reforms institutions, nations and continents. While atheists proclaim that religion is evil, history proves that Christianity is responsible for the foundations of: the family, freedom, education for all, a nation of laws rather than tyrants, charity and compassion for the truly needy, private ownership and free enterprise.

Breakout Session: The Winning Vision:

How you can win against all odds, and bring whole nations along with you.This message focuses upon the power of the Scriptures in the founding of the American Republic. We will explore and expose the myths and half-truths that have paralyzed much of the church from impacting our culture for the past 100 years and which are thrown at us when we evangelize our fellow citizens.

Todd Friel Host, The Way of the Master RadioFamilyNet’s “Wretched” TV show

Proving the Bible is Supernatural through Biblical

Can we prove the President lives in the White House by looking in the White House windows? Yes, we can. Can we prove the Bible is supernatural by looking inside of it? Absolutely. This overview of Biblical covenants will knock your socks off and stop Biblical critics in their tracks.

Proving the Bible is Supernatural by Following the Scarlet

If you have ever attended a church meeting, you know it is virtually
impossible to get unanimous consent. The Bible has 40 human authors separated by 1400 years, but there is only one message. This break neck tour of the sacrificial system will demonstrate the Bible could only have One Divine Author.

Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne Executive Vice President, Living Waters

Mind Matters

In a day and age in which information and technology abound, the cultivation of the Christian mind is at an all-time low. We will examine the Christian’s duty to have a culture-shaping influence by loving God with all his mind

Worship led by Scott Krippayne Christian Singer/Songwriter


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