Humor – Homeschool

We were supposed to start back with our new school year today. We have a modified year round schedule. However, it didn’t happen today due to unexpected changes in plans. God allows interruptions so I don’t get too focused on my agenda.

You might be homeschooled if:

~ P.E. includes yard work.

~ your teacher has come to school in her pajamas.

~ you have the national average of 2.5 children … per bedroom.

~ you get your high school diploma before you get your driver’s license.

~ your 15 passenger van contains more kids than the passing school bus.

~ you never use the express lane at Wal-mart.

~ you feel sorry for the over socialized kids in public school.

~ you think public school looks like prison.

~ loss of reading privileges is too drastic of punishment.

~ you can actually read your diploma when you graduate.

~ the librarian runs when she sees you bringing to the counter your 50 books to checkout.

This is so old the original source is lost. It is a round robin email that homeschoolers pass around adding to it as they go.


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