Southern Baptists In Decline

Southern Baptists Now a ‘Declining Denomination’
By Lillian Kwon
Christian Post Reporter
Thu, Apr. 24 2008 02:42 PM ET

“For the first time, Southern Baptists can say membership has reached a tipping point and the nation’s largest Protestant denomination is now declining, says one long-time Southern Baptist.

“The decline that many of us have already believed is there is now becoming real,” said Ed Stetzer, director for LifeWay Research, in an interview featured on, a Web site for pastors and church leaders.

Baptisms in the Southern Baptist Convention fell for the third straight year in 2007 to the denomination’s lowest level since 1987, dropping nearly 5.5 percent to 345,941, according to LifeWay Christian Resources’ Annual Church Profile (ACP), which was released this week.

Total membership also declined by 0.24 percent to 16,266,920.”

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