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The Way of the Master Radio program has been discussing youth groups and the leaving of our youth from the church. In the years I have been observing churches, I have noticed that once a youth graduates from High School they also graduate from church. I have tried to discuss it with others but either they deny the problem or just attribute it to college and work.

In my experience, most of the youth in a youth group are not saved, even if they think they are. Once they are not in need of the excuse of the youth group to be away from home, they don’t attend. When free of the little accountability in a family that exists today, they are free to meet with whom they wish and do what they wish to do. If the youth were truly saved they would come for Bible Studies, even without the rock music, pizza, parties and games that everyone feels is necessary to get youth to church today.

The clip about Sunday School is very accurate. Our church has even had non-members teach Sunday School Classes for children. Anyone who will volunteer to teach can. Then the children get the same lessons repeatedly (Lifeway curriculum!), but with no depth. Our children do very little with the childrens programs and normally only when a parent can be directly with them. The cleaning up of false teaching is much harder than teaching it correctly the first time. Our children are homeschooled and we make a point of being directly with them at any outside activities. We have been able to spot directly where false instruction has come from – often from the church itself. 🙁

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