You Are Addicted to the TV if …

Is the “still small voice” you hear the TV in the background?

You are addicted to the TV if…

… meals revolve around TV shows.

… bedtime is dictated by what time a particular show goes off.

… it is your best and cheapest babysitter.

… there are more TV jingles in your head than Bible verses.

… your child’s best friends are TV characters.

… the furniture is arranged according to the location of the TV.

… you can list TV station names better than the books of the Bible.

… it affects activities you participate in.

… people know they can find you at home according to the TV shows you watch.

… it must be on to fall asleep.

… the power off button is unnecessary.

… your child’s favorite clothes are free advertising for a TV show.

… you’ve missed church to watch TV.

… if you don’t need a clock to tell time, but can tell time by TV shows.

… severe weather is scary, not because of the weather but because your favorite show may be preempted.

… you need a generator to power the TV, not the refrigerator.

… your budget for AA batteries for the remote control exceeds your tithe.

…the TV trays are the most used furniture in the house.

…a TV dinner is your favorite meal.

…all dinners are TV dinners.

…you watch TV in the van on the way to the grocery store.

…you have to keep a back-up TV in case yours breaks.

…you need a TV in more than one room in your house.

…your vacation plans include plenty of TV watching.

…your TV costs more than a good used car.

…Thanksgiving dinner includes a course of watching TV.

…your best memory from last Christmas is watching Jim Carrey in The Grinch That Stole Christmas.

…you consider the results of American Idol worthy of putting on the news and you see no problem with Bo Bice or Carrie Underwood playing music in a church.


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