You might be a Calvinist if …

Here are some of my favorites

You might be a Calvinist if …

“…sitting in a tub full of scissors sounds more appealing to you than listening to a Sunday School class share their personal gut feelings about a Bible verse, you are a good candidate.”

If you purchased an MP3 player with the sole purpose of downloading sermons, or

If you were shocked to just discover that some people download MP3 files that are not sermons, or

… If you think a 50-minute sermon is too short, or

If you find yourself talking to the Lord Jesus more than to your family, and

If you find yourself wanting to read your Bible instead of watching television, and

If quotes from Pink, Spurgeon, Luther, Piper, and McArthur pop into your head at random times during the day

…If your children never ask you “Where are we going?” on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night,

…you just might be a Calvinist.”

These came from Team Tominthebox News Network® there are plenty more and be sure to read the comments they are full of additional ones.


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