Christians and the Law

I felt that I didn’t do well explaining the relationship we as Christians should have to the law when I was questioned about tattoos.

Then I was trying to explain to a friend how I understand Christians should respond to the law and this was my short answer in an email.

1. Jesus did not abolish the law but fulfilled it.

2. That act took away, forever, the sacrifices for our sins.

3. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is our sign of a circumcised heart thus

circumcision is fulfilled.

4. We are not made righteous by the law nor does the law save us.

5. We are not under the law but we willingly obey the law for our profit.

6. We delight in God’s law.

I was about to send the email when I happened upon an old transcript of a John MacArthur Sermon.

Freedom from Sin: Dead to the Law

Here are a couple of quotes.

“The believer is no longer married to the law, but is now married to Jesus Christ. This is a beautiful picture of the believer’s relationship to Christ as His bride.”

“Christians now serve the law better than ever because they have been redeemed. We are no longer slaves to a legal set of rules in an attempt to gain favor with God; but now serve God out of love because He has granted us salvation by His grace.”

If someone asks, “Is the law binding on me now that I’m a Christian,” the answer is yes and no. It is not binding with regard to our rightstanding before God, but it is binding in that our new nature seeks to obey it. The law cannot save a man because he has no capacity to keep it, but now that God has saved us we have the power to keep it for the first time in our lives. We can cry out with the psalmist who said, “Oh, how I love thy law!” (Ps. 119:97).”


Thank you, Perla!


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