Way To Go! – Teens Doing Hard Things For God

I just read an article from the Harris twins, authors of “Do Hard Things” and the website The Rebelution, which is both disappointing and yet very uplifting.

The disappointment is the ACLU continues to try to block prayers in public schools. As many school shootings as the US has had you know that prayer for safety is a regular occurrence. This time the ACLU decided a prayer at a graduation ceremony would not happen. In 2006, the ACLU filed a Federal lawsuit against the school and the young lady planning to pray for the graduation was personally named in the lawsuit.

The encouraging and uplifting facts of the story are that despite the lawsuit a few things happened.

1) The Graduates all stood and recited the Lord’s Prayer in an unscheduled protest.

2) The young lady, who was named in the lawsuit, instead of saying a short prayer as ordered not to do, was planning to read a poem as a second choice. However, while standing there she felt led to change her mind and she gave her testimony, sharing how her faith in Jesus Christ was her source of strength.

3) As a result Megan and her twin sister Mandy received full scholarships to Liberty University.

4) Megan is studying to be a lawyer for the Liberty Counsel in order to fight against the ACLU.

Way to go! That is “teens doing hard things”!

Reporters were at the graduation ceremony and this is a quote from the article:

“The Louisville Courier-Journal reporter covering the event described the evening as having a “revival-like atmosphere,” to the complete dismay of the ACLU! In trying to silence a prayer they had sparked a revival!”

For the full article: Megan and Mandy: Taking a Stand for Christ

I enjoyed reading the book Do Hard Things and highly recommend it to others.


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