The Gospel for Spanish Speakers

As a commenter said somewhere, one website can lead to another website, to another website ….

In reading Isaiah’s website Word and Verse, I found an interesting site to click on.

Las 5 Solas by Perla

On it I found a few interesting phrases that I could translate although it was mostly in Spanish. Today’s newer computers have an easy technology to translate websites from one language to another. After translating the site, I found sermons and discussions about John MacArthur and Paul Washer. Intrigued, I read as much as I could – free translations are not perfect.

I am glad to have found a resource for those I know who speak Spanish as a first language. I am horrible about speaking and understand Spanish. Thankfully, now I can recommend this site to my Spanish-speaking friends and acquaintances and trust that they will not be given an “Easy Believism” Gospel. Most that I know seem to be “Cultural Catholics” and since Perla comes from a Catholic background maybe they can related to the posts.

Hopefully, I can share the website with those that I meet at the Mexican restaurant and on work crews I come across.


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