Turn Off The TV Challenge

I have just been reminded that it is almost August. Where is the summer going?

In July when I posted about TV Jingles, I warned Sicarii that there would be an August “Turn Off the TV” Challenge. I have challenged my church to do it before and will again. The church didn’t do too well L. I am afraid that addiction to TV is thoroughly ingrained in America.

So just to see if you are addicted to TV, can you turn the TV off for a whole month? This is harder than most people think. Many are in the habit of turning the TV on when they walk in. Do you think you can’t go to sleep without the TV on? What are the reasons and excuses for not turning off the TV?

You will be amazed at the difference turning the TV off will make in your life.

  • You will have hours added to your day, especially if you watch TV anywhere near the national average.
  • If you spend just a portion of that free time on Bible reading, Bible study and Prayer your walk with the Lord will grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Your family will benefit by having more time with each other.
  • Give it a try.

    If you think you can’t do without TV for a month than you need to seriously pray about it.


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