The Shack – still a best seller with “Christians”

The shack is still listed as the number one seller on I do not understand why so many “Christians” are busy reading this book and yet don’t have time to read their Bible.

Open Mind, Closed Bible by Tim Challies at

Almost eight months after my review of The Shack I continue to get daily emails about it. This is proof, I suppose, of the book’s continued success. I do not know if the novel’s popularity has peaked yet but can see that it is still at the top of its category on many of the bestseller lists. The emails I receive typically fit into one of two categories: the “thanks for the review” category or the “how dare you?” category. Today I want to address just two of the more common critiques of my critique of the book.

Here is how one reader expressed herself: “Hello Tim. I read your review after I had already read The Shack and I think your review is ridiculous. Your review reminds me of exactly why ‘stodgy old religion’ is so unappealing to masses of people. …

Here are more links to information about The Shack.

Christian Research Network in the article A Preliminary Critique of “The Shack”

After listening to the audio interview below and more critically perusing through this book, I am led to think that the author of this book holds to some type of “Christian universalism”, i.e., a person that believes that all people eventually will be saved through Jesus Christ even though they never repented and believed in
Christ in this earthly life.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry in the article The Shack.

On page 145-146 we find, “Mack was surprised. ‘How could that be? Why would the God of the universe want to be submitted to me?'” “Because we want you to join us in our circle of relationship. I don’t want slaves to my will; I want brothers and sisters who will share life with me.” We have to ask. Is there any place in Scripture where God expresses a desire to be submitted to an individual human being? Nope. But, we have the incarnation of Christ where Jesus was made under the law (Gal. 4:4) and was therefore in subjection to his earthly parents. But, this is due to the incarnation and was part of the process of the atonement. Where in Scripture do we find God desiring his submission to individuals? I know of no reference. If anything, we the creatures are to be in subjection to the Holy and Majestic God of the universe, not the other way around. I found this to be a reduction of God’s glory and an elevation of man’s stature — something false religious systems do.


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