Bible Reading and Listening Plans

The ESV Bible website has several different devotional formats. The neat feature that I like about it is that you can choose a daily Bible reading format and subscribe to the RSS feed. The RSS feed is the ESV text in full plus a link to the audio of that day’s Bible reading.

My new toy for Christmas was a iPod Nano from Berean Husband. Turns out iPods will get a daily podcast each day when synced. When Berean Son took the ESV Bible RSS feed address and added it to my daily podcasts, I am then able to get the daily Bible reading audio on the iPod also.

The nice feature about that is that each day’s Bible audio is available to listen to and when finished listening to them they are removed from the iPod automatically. This is much simpler than my old method of moving files into a PDA folder to synchronize onto the PDA and then having to remove the old ones and add new.

I’m sure this is old technology to everyone else, but it is new to me.  😀

There is another resource I found for daily Bible readings.

Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s daily Bible reading calendar

There is no audio but you can also get RSS feeds of the daily Bible reading plan with a link to Bible Gateway which does have audio.


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