A Deeper Appreciation of the Bible

Aren’t you glad the Bible contains things which we do not understand? If the Bible contained only those things which we fully understood, it would be a short book indeed. The table of contents might read something like this:

Genesis 3 ———The Fall of Man
Genesis 16 ——–Abraham, Hagar, and Ishmael
Genesis 37 ——–Joseph is Sold into Slavery
Judges 16 ———Samson and Delilah
1 Samuel 2 ——–Eli’s Sons Commit Fornication in the Tabernacle
1 Samuel 28 ——-Saul and the Witch of Endor
2 Samuel 11 ——-David and Bathsheba
Ezekiel 8 ———-Idolatry in the Temple
Matthew 26 ——-Peter Denies Jesus
Luke 22 ———–Judas Betrays Jesus
Acts 7 ————-The Stoning of Stephen
Romans 3 ———There is None Good, No Not One
Ephesians 2 ——-Dead in Trespasses and Sins
Revelation 20 —–The Lake of Fire

I could add a few more chapters, but I think you get the point. We understand full well the radical depravity of mankind, because we have all experienced many of the things which the Bible chronicles in all-too-real detail in the lives of fallen people. But it is the things which we don’t understand which give us a deeper appreciation of the Bible. Why did Jesus die for sinners? How does the new birth occur? How is it that the sinner can be justified before God? How can God sanctify a person like me? How is it that Jesus is not ashamed to call me his brother? How could God condescend to adopt me as His child? Will I really be resurrected to a new and glorious state one day?

Now here is the interesting application for this thought. It is the things which we understand about the Bible which bring us together as Christians. But it is also the things which we don’t understand which bring us together as well. Because we understand that we are all sinners, we are drawn together as a church to seek the grace and mercy of God and accountability to one another. However, because of our lack of understanding of the great doctrines of the Bible, we are drawn together as a church to study the word of God. The needs which are generated by our understanding of the Bible and our lack of understanding of the Bible are well met within the fold of a local church which is acting in a manner true to the word of God.

By Berean Husband


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